Big Winner: 'Luckiest man in Tanzania' flying high again on Navigator!

Here at Premier Bet, we regularly witness many of our players winning huge sums of money across our Vegas, Virtual and Sports markets.

However, one player in Tanzania has particularly stood out to us in recent times, as they have bagged themselves 230 million TSH from playing our very own exclusive crash game Navigator within the past 30 days.

On Saturday 8th July, we arranged a press conference in Dar to congratulate Mr Jacob Mkungilwa on his recent winnings while handing him a huge cheque worth 118 million TSH, which will be cashed straight into his bank account.

Dubbed by local media as the ‘Luckiest Man in Tanzania,’ Mkungilwa’s story resembles that of Manyara-based miner Saniniu Laizer, who became a Tanzanian billionaire after discovering huge quantities of the incredibly rare gem tanzanite on three separate occasions in 2020.

Like his mining compatriot, Mkungilwa has proved to be a popular hit among local media, with television, newspaper and social media outlets all rushing to cover his incredible streak in the virtual world, which has earned him life-changing sums of money.

“I am incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity and the immense luck I have experienced. Premier Bet has provided me with an incredible platform to enjoy my favourite game, Navigator, and I never imagined that I would win not just once, but twice within a month,” Mkungilwa revealed at Premier Bet’s press conference.

“It truly is a dream come true. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Premier Bet for the exceptional gaming experience they offer. The Navigator game is captivating, and the thrill it brings is unmatched. I appreciate the dedication and hard work of the Premier Bet team in creating such an enjoyable and rewarding gaming environment.”

Unlike mining, you can take part in Navigator from the comfort of your own home as well as out on the move thanks to our desktop and mobile functionality.

Navigator is a game that takes you out of space, but it is far from rocket science to master. As Mkungilwa has admitted himself, it’s a straightforward game of risk that can provide huge thrills and returns in equal measure.

Simply place your desired stake before watching a simulated plane take off. Your stake will be multiplied alongside the course of the flight, up to a coefficient as large as x250,000, but you must cash out before you crash out in order to win your bet.

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You can learn more about How To Play Navigator by clicking here.

Here at Premier Bet, we take responsible gaming seriously. Betting is strictly for people aged 18-years-old and above, and we always advise players to never play above their financial means.

“With this newfound wealth, I am determined to make wise decisions ensure a secure future for myself and my loved ones,” Mkungilwa revealed.

“I am fully aware of the importance of responsible gaming. To fellow Tanzanians, I would like to share my story as a testament to the possibilities that exist within Premier Bet’s games. However, it is crucial to remember that gaming should always be approached responsibly.”

Play for the Fun, Play for the Thrill, Play Responsibly! It’s not just a game; it’s a feeling.

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